Second Year

Working progress…

I have been back at University for just under as month now, I’ve join a lot more societies than I did last year. More specifically I’ve joined societies which I think will not only help me develop as a media producer, but also challenge me to develop new skills and try and meet new people. I’ve joined the Photo club again this year for the second time, because I enjoyed doing the tasks last year that were given to use to complete along with the ‘Within these walls’ photo exhibition. I found that I enjoyed not only taking the photos but also taking about them and discovering new ways to improve my skills as a photographer.

There are two other societies that I have joined, the creative writing society and the Musical Theatre Society. Now while any one who knows me might say that I look like a crane fly with the wing pulled off when I’m dancing. All limbs and no rhythm. I have enjoyed being apart of the Musical Theatre society, the simple fact being that getting up and moving around dancing or singing is quiet fun. So even though I might have two left feet, I still have fun. It also helps that its probably the only exercise that I do all week so it’s probably good for me.

The creative writing society is another one I only joined this year, as yet I have only been to two meetings but its interesting. Reading what people have written and talking about different books. One book we are reading currently is ‘The Shining’ by Stephen King. While it is not one I would normally read (I tend to avoid things that might keep me up at night) it is an interesting book. I have read some of Stephen King’s work before and even the short stories somehow leave me with a deep chill.