The Little Devil Café


The play is set in a Café, in town. The location of which is not stated, this is due to the fact that it should feel like any small café that people would go to. Allowing it to be put on both on stage and in real world surroundings. The shop is owned by Maggie, who runs the shop her self and has grown to have loyal customers and friends but also has an eye for spotting the troublemakers and has her own unique way of dealing with them.



  • 38
  • Female
  • Curly big, brown hair.
  • Wearing a shoulder length black top, Light pink long trousers (cover the top of her shoes)
  • Nostalgic. See’s herself as giving Karma a hand. Tries to help people who feel they’ve been cheated in some way.

Customer 1

  • Business man, aged about 34
  • In a supervisory position at estate and retail development agency.
  • Wearing a suit and tie, suit is a dark gray and tie is a red burgundy colour. He has an earpiece in and has his phone in his hand constantly.
  • Has a sense of entitlement and often doesn’t notice the things around him.
  • Tries to get the best projects, competitive.
  • He’s not afraid to step on people to get what he wants.



  • Student, age about 22
  • She’s in her last year of university, so is constantly working.
  • Has know Maggie since first year at university, and has become like a daughter to Maggie.
  • Always has a backpack that looks over filled. But no ones sure what it’s filled with.
  • Short Brown hair, jeans, and baggy jumper.
  • Always appears to be busy with a new project and coursework. Can seam flustered to outsiders.
  • She has a hard time trusting people, and will often hide behind sarcastic comments when talking to new people.


  • Age about 25
  • He has recently started a new job at the same estate and retail development agency as customer 1.
  • He feels like he needs to impress the people around him. This is sometimes seen as being cocky
  • He doesn’t enjoy his job, as he feels like his boss is out to get him fired.
  • His supervisor/ boss is Customer 1
  • Wearing blue jeans, white shirt and a blazer.
  • Try’s to look smart but can come across as immature.
  • He’s good at heart and can sometimes be a little gullible.

Audience members on stage

  • Depending where the play is put on. If in an actual coffee shop, these could be regular customers and are able to leave when they want.
  • If the play in put on at a stage, they will be randomly selected via tickets and will come on to the stage as normal customers.
  • The interaction between them and Maggie, should be completely unscripted, adlibbing where possible.















A green, ageing desk, boxed in on three sides, with browning/ black corners. The till looks old; an antique sits on top of the desk. Behind the desk is a row of cupboards, set slightly lower than the desk. The colour is similar to the front desk. But on this is a coffee machine and a few cake stands at different levels. The cake stands contains a chocolate cake, a cheesecake and a carrot cake. The counter is stood in the middle of the stage. There are about three small tables dotted around the stage. All have two matching chairs.           Starts off with Maggie, taking a large slice of chocolate cake and putting it on to a plate. She sets it down next to the till and looks up

Maggie: Oh… I didn’t think we’d have anyone it at this time

Maggie looks down at the chocolate cake

Maggie: I was just having a small snack…. well a big snack. But someone’s got to try the first slice,

Maggie looks down at cake

Maggie: you know just to make sure. Fine, its almost like eating chocolate cake at eight in the morning is a bad thing. You try it then.

Maggie walks from behind the counter, picks up cake, walks around the stage a bit

Maggie: Um… let me see… ah you. Yes you the one drooling like a St. Bernard, you can try the first slice.

Maggie bends down, beckons the audience member over, hands the plate to them. Before they go back, stops them

Maggie: Wait! Hang on.

Maggie runs back to the counter picks up a fork and napkin, turns towards the audience again but then turns back to the counter, goes behind counter picks up small bucket, runs back to the audience member, jabs the fork into the cake and hands them the bucket. Maggie stands up straight pats down her apron and looks back up.

Maggie: Well just incase.

Maggie goes back behind the counter and wipes down the top

Maggie: I guess it’s for the best; they’ll be coming through the door any minute. All suited and booted

Maggie mimes doing up a tie.

Maggie: All in their own little worlds face focused intently on the small device that rule over their schedules. The only time they look up from their phones is to pay. Sometimes they don’t even do that. You know I had to move the napkins to the other side of the counter because we had people trying to scan their cards against the box. … And they look at me strange when it doesn’t work.

The door opens; there is a bell that dings when Customer 1 steps through the door. His earpiece is in and he appears to be having a conversation with someone

Customer 1: I told you to print out the charts for the meeting…. What about the reports?

Customer 1 approaches the counter still talking on the phone. He is looking at his phone in his hand

Customer 1: Hazelnut Mocha! No not you John I’m at the café around the corner, Get your own you cheap Git… Oh yeah, really when?

Customer 1: Making the coffee for the meeting doesn’t count. Especially when it taste as foul as yours did… John no one drank the coffee. They swore it was made from tar

Maggie turns her back to the customer who continues his conversation. She then places the takeaway cup on the counter

Maggie: That’ll be Three forty five


Customer 1: That’s stupid… Here

Customer 1 hands Maggie five-pound note and waits for Maggie to give his change

Customer 1: some people can be so slow sometimes… Listen I’ll be there in a minute might have been faster if certain establishments got with the twenty first century.

Maggie hands the customer his change, and points to the container to her left

Customer 1: Sugar?

Customer 1 finally looks up at Maggie to notices she’s pointing to the container on the side, which contains sugar. His phone beeps. He presses the button on the side of his earpiece, and continues to put three sugar packs into his coffee

Customer 1: Hey Jacky, I’ve just got off the phone with John…. Oh good you know… Its in 20 Minutes…I know I know…any chance of a miracle…you are a star

Customer 1 walks through the door but his last words can still be heard as he passes through the door

Customer 1: Yeah I know dickhead right. Haha.

Maggie goes in front of the counter to pick up the empty sugar packets off the counter.

Maggie Turns towards audience

Maggie: ‘I could have been annoyed, I could of refused to serve him. But then what’s the point in that.

Goes back behind the counter to put the packets in the bin

Maggie: Besides he left us a nice tip…Oh he doesn’t know he did but he did. And no I didn’t shortchange him. Do you see any prices anywhere?

Maggie: No of course you don’t. Makes it easier to put in place what I like to call the DHB tax. That’s Dick heads and Bitches for any of you still wondering. Here we made a sign and everything.                                                                                                                     Maggie point to the small sign on the side of the till

Maggie: Don’t give me that look. If more places had this I think the world would be a little bit of a better place….

Maggie: Maybe not for getting rid of all the people like that in the world, but by making the rest of us feel a little better thinking that they’re having to pay just that little bit more. Why I’m down right saintly

Maggie Smiles wide showing teeth

Scene 2

The café is more full now with some audience members siting in two of the tables drinking coffee/tea and eating cake. They have entered after Customer 1 has left. The interaction between Maggie and the audience should be improvised during these points. The door opens, Enters Jessica. She’s one of Maggie’s regulars. Maggie is putting a fresh cup/pot of tea/coffee on one of the tables. Maggie picks up the empty cup/pot as Jessica walks through the door

Jessica: Hey Maggie, quiet morning?


Maggie: It’ll pick up in a bit, besides not often I see you before one.


Jessica: Haha, I’m not here by choice


Maggie; Well its nice to see you too


Jessica: ‘Had a lecture this morning. Eleven o’clock and I get here ready to go

Jessica pats her over sized backpack. The bag makes a clunking noise.

Jessica: only to find out its been canceled.


Maggie: That’s a shame, suppose you want your regular


Jessica: Oh yes please Maggie, its been a long morning, you’re a star


Maggie: You go and sit down I’ll bring it over

Jessica moves to an empty table and gets out her notebooks and puts her bag under the table, there is a clinking sound as it hits the metal leg on the bottom of the table. Maggie is over at the counter putting the last touches to Jessica’s drink; she looks over in her direction


Maggie: ‘One day someone’s going to ask you what you’ve got in that bag’


Jessica: ‘A lady never tells’

Maggie comes over with a large hot chocolate toped with whipped cream and two chocolate flakes slowly melting into the chocolate. She places it on the table in front of Jessica

Maggie: ‘you know this is only a small shop Jessica’

Jessica: ‘I know, I know. If anyone comes in they can sit in the other chair’

Jessica points to the chair opposite

Maggie: ‘That seems fair, enjoy your drink’

Jessica takes one of the chocolate flakes and stirs in the cream a little

Jessica: ‘Thanks Maggie’

Maggie walks back over to the counter, and turns towards the audience and addresses the audience

Maggie: She’s a good kid, a little over worked if you asked me. I’ve been trying to set her up for the last month but she’s been making it impossible.

Maggie: You see I send over someone I think she’d like and get them to sit down across from her. It’s not the first time I’ve got her to share the table. You know just to get a conversation going, but it’s like she doesn’t even see them.

Maggie: I know what you might be thinking. Maybe they’re just not her type. But I’ve tried men, women, blondes, brunettes, and short, tall, plain, handsome. Either I’m getting rusty or she’s just not looking for it.

Maggie looks defeated; she goes around and picks up any empty cups/ plates. Jessica keeps writing in her book

Maggie: Maybe I’m missing something.

Scene 3

The door opens and customer 2(Mark) walks in, he’s carrying a folder in one hand. He goes to the counter and starts to check his phone. Maggie goes behind the counter and looks up at Mark.

Maggie: Hi what can I get you?

Mark looks up from his phone

Mark: Oh … um … can I get a mocha and a slice of lemon cheesecake?

Maggie begins getting the order together. Mark starts to look around the shop for a clear table. But there are none

Mark: Hey I don’t suppose you’ve got anymore tables, I’ve got some important work that I need to do before I get back to the office.

Maggie places his order on the counter and types it into the till

Maggie: I’m sorry, we’ve only got that chair and there might not be enough room on the table for you both.

Maggie points to the table where Jessica is sitting. Jessica looks up and sees the man at the counter

Jessica: Oh no that’s okay Maggie he can sit there

Maggie: Well then I guess we do have a table. Oh that will be four pound thirty please.

Mark hands Maggie the money and waits for his change. Then he takes the tea and cheese cake over to the table and sits down

Mark: Thanks for this I’m Mark, there’s never enough space in here to get anything done, I don’t know why they don’t invest in a bigger space.

Jessica moves some of her books around to make some room. But goes back to looking at her work

Towards audience Maggie: Well you know what people say about men looking for bigger spaces.

Jessica: I’m Jessica, sorry about the mess, deadlines.

Mark: Nice name, a bit long, ever thought about going with just Jess?

Jessica: You ever thought about going with just Ma?

Maggie laughs loudly and drops something behind the counter. Everyone looks at her. She looks embarrassed and tries to hide it by cleaning up

Maggie: Sorry, it slipped.

Mark goes back to talking to Jessica

Mark: I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to upset you. Would you like some of this cheesecake?

Mark cuts a piece of the cheesecake off and offers Jessica the plate.

Jessica takes the piece of cake, and casually looks at what is in Marks folder

Jessica: What is it you do Mark? Or would you prefer Ma?

Mark: I’m a property consultant; I advise people how they can make more out of their commercial property mostly. Our firm has just got a big local contract. I’m just going over the details.

Mark taps the folder

Jessica: Sounds …um…interesting. Anywhere I know?

Mark: Actually I think one of the properties is the shop next door. Yes here it is.

Mark moves his finger along the sheets of paper until he finds the address of the shop next door

Mark: thirty six Bishop Street


Jessica: You mean thirty-four or thirty eight?


Mark: No. No. I’m sure it said thirty-six.

Mark turns through some of the papers but spills his coffee on some of the paper

Mark: Oh shit, pass me some tissue quickly!

Jessica hand Mark some tissue for him to wipe up the spilled coffee.


Mark: Yeah here it is thirty-six. Apparently the owners had a proposal to turn it into a high-class restaurant and expand it. They’ll get double the rent from the new business.


Jessica: But this is number thirty-six.

Jessica leans over her work and looks at the papers in front of Mark.

Jessica: I hate to burst your bubble, but that doesn’t say thirty-six. That doesn’t even say Bishop Street. Look it’s thirty-eight Bishops Walk. That’s on the other side of town.


Mark: God dam it! But I am sure my supervisor said it was this street. I hate that guy. He’s been doing crap like this since I started.

Jessica: Why?

Mark: Because he’s a dickhead. And he wants me to quit, he’s still pissed off, I showed him up in front of his client this morning.

Maggie has been listening in on the conversation as she’s been working. Maggie comes over to the table

Maggie: This boss of yours, dress like he’s heading to a mafia meeting, got one of those earpieces in his ear all the time, look like he swallowed a lemon if he has to look up from his phone?


Mark: Oh you know him then?

Maggie: lets just say your right about the dickhead part.

Jessica: Maggie, you didn’t?

Maggie: He was rude.

Jessica: You can’t charge people extra, even when you think they are being an ass.


Mark: I agree with Maggie.


Jessica: Don’t you start!

Marks phone starts to ring. Mark picks up the phone. Maggie and Jessica watch Mark on the phone. Maggie picks up the coffee cup and the wet tissues.

Mark: Yeah it’s Mark. Boss I’m still on my lunch. Do you really need it this second? Okay Oaky I’ll be there in soon.

Mark hangs up the phone and starts to gather his papers together.

Mark: I’m sorry Jessica, work calls. It was nice to meet you.


Maggie: I’ve got something that would be perfect for your boss.

Maggie goes to the counter and grabs a clear takeaway box with a piece of chocolate lava cake inside. She hand it to Mark.

Mark: I thought you said he was a dickhead?


Maggie: And I stick to that assumption, this is just something I save for the ones who really need a kick up the backside.

Jessica packs up her things and sticks them in her bag. She crosses over to the counter to pay for her things. Mark is walking towards the door. Maggie walks behind the counter and shouts after him.

Maggie: Just don’t rub your eyes after you touch the cake.

Mark looks worried and walks through the door.


Jessica: Do I even want to ask?


Maggie: Lets just say dark chocolate goes very well with chill. That’s three pound twenty.

Jessica hands over the money and waits as Maggie puts it into the till. Maggie puts the money into the till and hands Jessica her change.


Jessica: You know one day you’re going to get caught.


Maggie: Maybe, but I’ve got the perfect cake to get out of anything.

Jessica: Does it happen to have a file baked into it? Or maybe a hidden stash of money?


Maggie: Jessica, you know a lady never tells. Haven’t you got a bus to catch?


Jessica: Haven’t you got a shop to run? See you later Maggie!

Jessica leaves the shop, her bag clanking against the door on the way out.

At this point, Maggie brings the remaining tables their bills. This is a signal to audience members on stage to move off of stage. Maggie walks around the shop picking up empty cups and plates and puts them on the counter. The audience on stage might interact with Maggie when leaving, recommended responses be unscripted but still in character of a café owner.

Maggie address main audience.

Maggie: Well its almost closing time. If you leave now you might catch the last train. Oh don’t look at me like that. Think of it like giving karma a little hand. Besides I only put three chills in the cake. The last one I baked, I ended up putting six scotch bonnets in. I’d say that todays been quite tame.

Maggie wipes down the table around the stage.

Maggie: It wasn’t always like this though. The thing is most of the time people go about their day with a moderately pleasant attitude, saying please, thank you. And even the occasional smile. But there are also a few people who go through their day treating people like me, like we are not worth their time.

Maggie takes the cups off the counter and puts them under the counter. Maggie wipes down the tops of the counters.

Maggie: The next time you go to a shop, a restaurant, a bar or your local paper shop, maybe you’ll stop to think what did they put in the cake. Speaking of cake, it’s been a slow day and apparently carrot just isn’t what people want in a cake anymore.

Maggie picks up the carrot cake and begins to slice it up.

Maggie: I don’t know, maybe it’s the idea of putting vegetables in a cake. I’ve always been quite fond of carrot cake. My Grandma used to bake a wonderful carrot cake, she used to own a shop a little like this one and I would sit on a stool in front of the counter colouring in a colouring book she kept under the counter for me. Colouring with one hand and a piece of cake in the other. Most of the pages were stained with sticky fingerprints.

Maggie walks from behind the counter holding a slice of cake and a napkin, Maggie walks over to one of the tables and sits down in a chair facing the audience.

Maggie: She used to say, ‘people don’t mean to be bad, but some people need a bit of a reminder to be good’. Lets say that sign has been on that till for a while. But that’s enough of me talking for one day. I think it’s about time for me to have a sit down and enjoy some cake.

Maggie begins to eat cake as the lights go down.

The End


Final letter to self

Dear self
So I’ve made it through my first year. I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of people from all sorts of different backgrounds.
I have done and made things that if a years a ago I would have panicked at the thought of, like taking part in a photography exhibition.
My favorite part of this year was being able to create new media artifacts. For example a number of group documentaries and group projects which I have had an influence in the creation of.
One thing I have learnt about my self during this course is that I can be very good at organizing myself and others ignored to meet deadlines and meet task criteria. Another thing I have learned is that I can some times have some very good ideas which add to the groups i am in.
Over the year, as I have felt more comfortable with the different theories and different editing software such as Photoshop or premier pro, I have become more confidant and outspoken with my ideas.  And on some occasions I am more likely to try to take the lead o some projects or part of the projects. For example I took the lead in gaining the photos required of our 183MC TV pitch task.
I have a better understanding of the theory used within media and also learned about some theory I had not previously heard of such as neo political ideology. As my understanding of the different theory has improved so has my essay writing skills allowing me to fully explain and embed theory which is relevant to my points.
Due to the fact that within this curse I have been able to take part in a number of tasks reading from radio and advertising to video editing, it has allowed me to think a little more about what profession I might want to go into after my course has finished or during a work placement. For example I enjoyed being able to put together our 183MC radio advert and analyzing the semiotics within our photo task. But that being said I think that the modules I have picked for next year, will expand on my knowledge of semiotics.
On the whole I have enjoyed this first year of university immensely, and I look forward to next years modules, although it would be a lie if I said I wasn’t a little nervous about them.

Term 2 182MC Module feedback

Within the 182MC module, we were given the task to create a behind the scenes video, which contained footage from different tasks which were completed each week. This module required a large amount of out of hours planing and preparation in order to complete each task and then edit together in a coherent way. One issue we found was that we had hours of extra footage which we had to go through in order to create the video.

However that being said the fact that we showed the vast number of hours spent planing and prepping worked well within the video. The final product had a professional look, although it was suggested that having both an overall introduction to the main outcome of the video along with individual introductions to the tasks would help the audience to know what the tasks are about.
Within this task as demonstrated via the documentary our group has clearly explored technology in quite an expansive way. There is a good engagement with the weekly reading, however must remember to cite quotations. The voice over used within some parts of the documentary was criticized as being a little disconnected in parts.
The main point from the feed back are:
  • Structure
  • clearly introduce tasks/ assignment
However, it has been said that our group has been able to ‘produce a thoughtful and critically engaged piece of work’.
182MC- 68%

Term 2 180MC Module feedback

Within the 180MC module we were given three main tasks for our course work. The first was to give a presentation (60%), produce a online manifesto (55%) and write a critical review essay (72%), which reviewed other groups presentations.

The layout of the manifesto made it look more like a blog rather than a political or in this case environmental manifesto. It was therefore also suggested that a better layout with headings and drop down subheadings for the different articles would of suited the codes and conventions of a manifesto better. However it did demonstrate an engagement with course material, although this could of been better interrogated into our groups overall manifesto, also requiring a much sharper analysis of the theories. Overall, the main fault in this piece was the layout and structure along with not having a clear strong mission statement.

The feedback from the critical review essay was a little more positive. Stating that it began with a ‘very clear introduction that gives the context to each presentation and considers the impact of digital communication’. It also continued a well considered analysis of theorists such as Skates and Boyd. The writing style was promising, however I MUST remember to us CU Harvard referencing along with page numbers. There was also a suggestion that I should expand and problematice my point when saying that the use of the Mona Lisa within a groups remix help ‘maintains this historic paintings cultural significance’.

Romeo & Juliet

This year is commentating the 400 years scenes Shakespeare death. Because of the association of Shakespeare and Strafford, there are a variety of performances and events that are conducted commemorating his work. One of these events took place in Coventry town centre. The performance was of Romeo and Juliet. However the actors within the production were made up of people who had never acted before.

_DSC7551The event was free to see, and conducted in the open air. There was some publicity conducted by Coventry & Warwickshire radio, who also provided the music and sound effects for the performance.. There were a number of actors playing the roles of both Romeo and Juliet, from a virally of different ages. There was an aspect of audience participation, before the start of the performance _DSC7598this was encouraged by the two presenters, who had dressed in Elizabethan style clothes.
The performance was taken well, with people especially enjoying the well choreographed dancing within the play._DSC7967
This performance was put on in order to give people a chance who haven’t seen a Shakespeare play before a chance to experience it for the first time. And performed by people who hadn’t acted a Shakespearean play before. The choice of music within the production brought the play to the 21st century. Allowing people to understand the emotions and the theme of love more potently.

New media gate keepers.

A conference was put together that discussed a variety of different events within the media industry. One of the main focus during this seminar was upon the power that people have with distribution of data and more likely who has the power to distribute information. These tent to be controlled by the ‘GateKeeper’. They have the power to decide what games, books, digital art and tv series we has cases to. The updating of gaming consoles is used to make previous consoles and games obsolete, which on the one hand encourages the consumable culture we are in. Where we need to constantly update our technology in order to appear successful. For example the most up to date phone. And lines forming out of the apple stores in order to get the new latest iPhone. The game developer EA, has in resent years taken over many smaller game developer such as Lion Head Studios  (know for developing games such as the Fable franchisee). However the take over of the smaller companies means that they have a larger control over the market. EA has become the main gate-keeper of the games industry. Our internet providers are also seines gate keepers. They control when we can connect to sites. But they also control what we can see. Some countries block sites from entering their countries.

Femininity in Film (Tammy)

One of the films in the Femininity in Film series looked at the film ‘Tammy’ in order to discus issues of body image, and how women who are perceived to be ‘Fat’ are depicted within film. This lecture was based upon the research of Dr Katrina Kyroia, regarding ‘Feminist Fat studies and comedy. Dr Kyroia made the suggestion that women who are seen as ‘fat’ in films are often depicted in a comical way. The film does this by making fun of the characters weight. This reinforcement of  negative body images can have a drastically negative effect upon what both men and women perceive as the bodily ideal.

‘Tammy’ is one of many examples of ‘fat shaming’ ideology seen within the media. For example Eddie Murphy in Norbit (2007) in which he used a fat suit as one of the characters. The use of fat suits give the impression that it is not a really body and so does not need to be treated ethically. It creates the idea that a ‘fat’ person in realy life also suggested be treated ethically (fat jokes are ok), this can be damaging to the individual.

Over all this was an interesting lecture on the relationship between the power that women have and the way they are portrayed in the media.

Femininity in Film (Tammy)

One of the films in the Femininity in Film series looked at the film ‘Tammy’ in order to discus issues of body image, and how women who are perceived to be ‘Fat’ are depicted within film. This lecture was based upon the research of Dr Katrina Kyroia, regarding ‘Feminist Fat studies and comedy. Dr Kyroia made the suggestion that women who are seen as ‘fat’ in films are often depicted in a comical way. The film does this by making fun of the characters weight. This reinforcement of  negative body images can have a drastically negative effect upon what both men and women perceive as the bodily ideal.

‘Tammy’ is one of many examples of ‘fat shaming’ ideology seen within the media. For example Eddie Murphy in Norbit (2007) in which he used a fat suit as one of the characters. The use of fat suits give the impression that it is not a really body and so does not need to be treated ethically. It creates the idea that a ‘fat’ person in realy life also suggested be treated ethically (fat jokes are ok), this can be damaging to the individual.

Over all this was an interesting lecture on the relationship between the power that women have and the way they are portrayed in the media.

Notes from lecture (Ginger snaps)

Notes from lecture:

Femininity in Film: Ginger Snaps 2002

Directed by John Fawcett

Horror genre

Looking at female elements of sister hood.

Uses metaphor to refer to puberty.

Women in Horror: moving beyond misogyny

Has a bad reputation

-Horror audience: male?

Appeals to adolescent males

[Objections: e.g. Cherry (2009)

-Male killers, sadistic pleasure

Male killers and female victims

Psychoanalytical film theory

Suggest that the killer has some sexual relies or thrill out of stalking and killing women. They then suggests that the audience, being that it is formed primarily of adolescent males will some how also experience a sexual thrill from watching the actions taken place in the film.

Audience voyeurism

Special visual attention is paid to the killing women, getting some pleasure out of stalking and killing women.

‘Glamorous and eroticized enactments of violence against women… normalizing, legitimating, creating desires for, lowering inhibitions against, and providing imitable scripts for femicide’ (Caputi, 1992: 218)

Reputation of having a Misogynistic genre?

-Men respond to Hostel: Part 2 with ‘orgasmic…erotic joy’ (Sarracio and Scott, 2008:162)


“Torture porn” (45 films)

Miss represents the films and their content.

-Killed: 244m, 108f

-Severe injury: 293m, 144f

-M harm F, 206 incidents

-F harm M, 155 incidents

-M harm M 351incidents

-Threat (sexual), not necessarily violent

-Memorable, female killings are more memorable because men killing men are expected within these films. Stereo typing the film

Misogyny/sexual violence: rare

-Indie horror

-Anti-mainstream extremity

– Because these extreme indie horror are on the fringed it is used to show misogyny is wrong or seen as bad in society

The final girl, the surviving female character to rise up out of the people who get killed and fights back and survive.

Clover’s final Girl

How can males identify with a female protagonist?


‘She is not fully feminine’, on the basis of her ‘ smartness, gravity, competence in mechanical an other practical matters’ (1993:40)

-Does this really take away female femininity?

Empathic Centers

We are given the view of the victim; the music follows the excitement and trepidation of the victim not the killer.

Some films deal with female issues, ‘baby blues’ postnatal depression

But the films do not deal with it in a sensitive way (its horror what do thinks going to happen)

Women can be seen as the villain

Horrific women

‘The Loved Ones’-both simultaneous feminine and masculine


Misogynistic film/ makers?

‘Dead girl’

Female monstrosity, increase

2 normal teenage boys actions are actually horrific and monstrous.

Gendered anxieties (Puberty/ sexuality)

Negotiating extrinsic societal expectations

This lecture was focused on how women are depicted within horror films, and the impact this has on female representation within media.