Within These Walls 4

The Coventry Photo club have an exhibition annually based upon the PicBod photo course. I took part in the exhibition this year and last year.

This year I wanted to show photographs that showed the anxiety some people face and the negative impact this can have upon a person.

The words written on the models faces are representative to some of the anxieties people feel, putting them on their faces shows how vulnerable they are to external words and internal thoughts. The bound hands is used to represent the crippling effect that these fears and anxiety on people, as it stops them from reaching their goals.


Jumping into photography online

Okay so lets first establish that although I love photography, at the start of this year I was and still am as far away from a professional as you could get. Most of the photographs I have taken have usually been the ones taken at the write place at the write time. I wanted to try and move away from that, and instead move more towards being able to take a planed photo.

I had a photo blog and a flicker account that I had used in previous months, but it had been a while since I posted anything to it. After going to the photography show I started using the blog more adding new photos nearly on a weekly basis. But I also used my Instagram page and added my photos there too. I followed a number of different photographers on Instagram, who I am constantly inspired by. I then found a site called ViewBug which I had made an account on it a few years ago but had not posted any photos to it. ViewBug is more of a contest website, where there are a number of challenges and contests posted by other photographers.

I liked using the ViewBug site because it encourages people to pick out their best photographs and sometimes if I don’t have a photo for a particular contest I will go out and take it instead, this has lead me to plan out some of my photos. There a number of badges and a point system to encourage people to use the site and build up contacts. People can vote on your photos and like/ award your photos, they get points for this, these then encourage people to build up a supportive community.

I have attempted to build up more contacts throughout these websites, using Twitter to collaborate and direct people to view them. In the past I have shared the posts and photos to my Facebook profile, but I have found that due to the simple fact that I have a larger following on Twitter more people are likely to see the posts and follow them through to the sites. While for the most part this promotes these particular sites to potential customers it does also allow me to show off my work. Over the past couple of weeks I have noticed an increase in the number of impressions and engagement in my Twitter posts.

March 1,170 Impressions

April 3,927 Impressions

Screenshot 2017-05-03 01.21.23

I also took part in this years annual Photo Club exhibition ‘Within these walls’ in which I wanted to take photos that explored the inner and external anxieties that people feel, and how this can sometime prevent people from achieving their potential.

So far I have improved my photography, I have been using Adobe Lightroom more to edited my photos, which has become easier due to shooting primarily in RAW.

Photo Blog

Screenshot 2017-05-03 01.14.34






Screenshot 2017-05-03 01.16.48


Screenshot 2017-05-03 01.18.08







Screenshot 2017-05-03 01.19.40

Going to the Photography Show 2017

Screenshot 2017-05-03 01.23.19

There are moments when you meet people who just inspire you. This year I went to the photography show feeling a little lacking in ideas and inspiration. But after listening to some world renowned photographers and their experiences and seeing some of their work it makes you want to get up and go.

I didn’t come with a plan, I hadn’t looked into who was going to be there and like last year I thought that I would end up going from stall to stall looking at all the beautiful equipment that frankly I couldn’t dream of affording. But I instead I ended up going to some of the free talks being put on around the venue. One that I found interesting was a talk given by Lara Jade, who talked about fashion photography and her experience of getting into photography. She has fast become one of my favorite photographers. One thing that I found interesting is her experimentations with light and placing objects in front of the camera lens, often using the things around her to create her photography.

Lara Jade was one of many different speaker I saw that day. After, it left me wanting to hear more. I was a little sad when it came to leave. But I left with a spark of ideas and lots of inspiration.

A Rose


I took this photo a macro setting, of a rose in my room. I liked the colour and detail this setting gave me. The background seems a little washed out and gray compared to the foreground. This might be avoided by using a different angle for the lighting. I was speaking to someone about light set ups and the standard set up consists of a back like and two side lights. This way it means that there are less shadows cast by the subject. However if I wanted to put enthuse on the shadows I might use a light source from one direction, placed closer to the object.

Photgraphing the Unknowns


As part of our task for this week, we had to take a photo in which the subject’s face could not be identified. We were given a number of options to achieve this. We could take a photo of the back of the subject or experimented with shutter speed in order to distort the image in some way. However I had decided take a simple photograph of my brothers tattoos. His face is not in the photo so this essential could be anyone, however I think the tattoos make this photo stand out a little more.

_DSC6980 copy copy

In photo club we were also given the task of Nude vs Naked. I decided to use this photo for that purpose after I re-eddited it a little. I changed it to black and white and increased the brightness a little so I could still see the details in the tattoos. I then decided to reintroduce the red colour into some parts of the tattoos in order to draw the viewers eye directly to the tattoos.

Photographing Tribe

Recently I discovered my university has a photo club, so I decided to join it. One of the photographs I had to capture as set but the club was to take a photo of what I felt represented tribe._DSC6347

Tribe. For me I have many tribes that I fit into. But I feel like my strongest conection would be to my family. My Grandmother and my Mother are two of the strongest people I know, and I hope that I can be as strong as them.


As part of the feed back given as part of the photo club, a suggestion was made thatI should remove the glare in my mum’s glasses. Afterwards I made an attempt to remove the glare using photoshop.

Week 3 task (Using the Aperture)

For this task we went outside to take photographs of our partners. Taking photos at different aperture strengths, from f 4.5 up to f 32. The results varied, but by using the Aperture control setting the shutter speed was automatically adjusted, this was good but the photos with the f 32 aperture had a longer shutter speed which meant that the photos where slightly blurred. This can be seen in the background of one of the photos as a bus is blurred in the background.

Photo op with a squirrel


(24th January)

I’m not going to lie, I took this one because I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. I was able to get very close to him before he scampered off.

The clock in the shopping center


(27th January) I saw this when I was having a nice hot chocolate in the Nero in the middle of the shopping center of coventry. They reminded me a little of the Blackpool illuminations. There was a number of them set up above the shops, but only this one was lit. I might go back and see if any others were lit. One looked like it was shaped into a penny farthing. I would presume that these have been put in place to promote Coventry’s industrial history.


I like the practicality of it as well (it is a working clock).

The lights under a Coventry overpass.


(27th January)

I took this photo on the way home from the library one evening, I liked the colours given off by the lights under the over pass. They were recently installed along the columns. I think effect of the lights would be even better at night though. Even though Coventry can be seen as a concrete city there is still a little bit of nature every where, the tree protruding in from the corner helps to remind us of this.


This Photo was taken on the same day, the lights from this angle has a better affect in this photo.