Review of Stephen King’s ‘The Shining’

The year has just started, the first book we are reading is Stephan King’s “The Shining”, as yet I am still reading it as I only got a copy of the book yesterday. But so far it is interesting. I like the way King move between the character in each of the first chapters, he still is able to link the characters together through the chapters. For example while in one chapter it is reveled the Jack Broke Danny’s arm, the next chapter is told from the perspective of Jack as he retells the incident of the broken arm. But as I said I’ve only just started reading it. Jack seems to be a man haunted by feelings of regret and failure, who constantly ponders upon his past mistakes. With the loss of his respected Job as a teacher it seams that he feels worthless, his good days are behind him. Due to his drinking he has let most of his life slip away, his career, his marriage and perhaps his son. But as yet it appears the Danny still loves his farther deeply, and his greatest fear at the start of the book is that his dad and mum will get divorced. Jack’s wife Wendy at this very early stage appears to be racked with grief and guilt. Mostly towards having to leave her old life behind her, but also the impact it has had on her son Danny, who she worries about constantly (like any other mother I suppose).

The issue of divorce is a constant thought on the minds of both Jack and Wendy. It comes to a point when one morning Wendy is about to ask Jack for a divorce due to his alcoholism. How ever the night before Jack had an incident that helped to sober up his perspective and we can see this to be a turning point in the relationship. However there is still this underlining issue with anger that Jack has.

Further along in the book, we are finally introduced to the Overlook Hotel. As Danny and his family move into the Overlook for the winter. Already we have been told about some things that have happened in the hotel before, such as a woman committing suicided in one of the rooms of the hotel. One character we are introduced to within this part of the book is  Mr Hallorann who shares the same supernatural gifts as Danny. Danny confides in Hallorann, this might be due to the fact that he is the first person Danny has met that can see the things he sees. And straight away you can see that they have an instant friendship. Hallorann comments on Danny’s farther mentioning that he seems to be a man hiding something. We have to question whether it is the incident with the bike in the middle of the road, which he is afford to tell his family. Or whether he is hinting at a darker more sinister issue, such as Jack’s rage?