I am currently studying Media and Communications at Coventry University. As part of me course I have been able to develop key design skills which I have used to help create a number of group projects and media artifacts.

I have a personal interest in photography, and I have been able to develop my skills in this field over some years. I have also been able to exhibit some of my photographs through my contribution to a Society exhibition. 

I am a quick and adaptive learner, often able to pick up on new techniques and skills quickly. This has been useful when learning how to use different software.

Some of the software I have skills in using are, Photoshop, Premier Pro, Indesign, Lightroom and Audition. I have been able to build my skills up over my time at university and have used these skills to help enhance my design work. 

I have  multiple websites and blogs that I have created using my design skills, some concentrating on my academic work and others used to promote my photography.