Becoming the Inclusions officer at Coventry University’s Creative Writing Society.

In resent elections, I was elected as the Inclusions officer for the Creative writing society. As a inclusion officer my core role, is to have contact with students and be a more of contact for students who might find it more difficult to sign up and get stuck in to a society. Basically making sure everyone in and outside of the society feels welcome and feels like they can discuss any issues they have.

Some of the tasks that lay with the Inclusions officer are, promotion, working with other committee members to ensure that their area has taken inclusion issues into consideration. Event organization, with the help of other committee members in order to  promote the society and also get the members of the society involved in events.  I also have the job to deal confidentially with issues that students might have.

One plan that I have for developing the society is to create a shared publishing site, so that those members who wished to submit their writing online can do that in a safe space. I need to work on the development of such a site but hopefully there should be something in the making by the start of next year. I can use my website skills and design expertise in order to create a user friendly site, which everyone in the society can use. In a way once the site is being used my role on that front would change to moderator, making sure that the online environment remains a safe and supportive one.



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