Graphic Beauty, Interview and potential collaboration.

Screenshot 2017-05-03 01.12.17

At the start of the easter holidays I had an informal interview/ meeting with a group of students looking to form a group of artistic collaborators. They wanted to make a group made up of make up artists, models, photographers and set designers in order to be able to create images and photos together. The creation of such as group would allow people to have a ready pool of people to work with on projects, whether for a personal or professional project.

I wanted to join the group as a photographer. The questions asked where mainly to do with my experience, at which point I told them about my portfolio and my participation in the photo club society.

I thought the interview went well, I have heard back about a potential meeting in order to meet the other people who also joined the group. But as of yet, there is still designations to be made as to when and where.

I was a little stressed about the interview, not because of what it was for but mainly the fact that I had been in hospital over night and had not be discharged until two hours before the interview. Needless to say there was a little bit of a rush to get there on time, that being said I gain arrived early.


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