Going for an Interview

Screenshot 2017-05-03 01.12.34Recently I was invited for an interview at OmAwake in Birmingham, for a social media internship. They company is an online based company, working to connect holistic practitioners with potential clients. The platform gives the partitioner tools in order to successfully run their business, such as calendars and scheduling. They had a social media presence already on Facebook and Twitter, but said that they wanted to expand their influence more in Instagram and other visual social media outlets.

First off finding the location was quite easy, I walked from the train station. But I did find a bus route that was located quite close to the building. I arrived very early, which is good on the one hand but I think it through the people giving the interview off a little, they thought I was someone else at first. But once we got past that part the interview went very well.

Some of the questions they asked were along the lines of, what my experience was and why I had chosen to do an internship with their company. I mentioned my marketing module which I took part in at the beginning of this year and told them my experience of working in groups and designing the graphics used in that module. I attempted to put a lot of enthuses on my visual skills, with using photoshop and other design tools, along with my photography.

The reason as to why I wanted to work with their company was relatively simple. I wanted to be able to connect people together on a social level, but also I had an interest in their company on a holistic level too. This is because of my Marfan Syndrome and the fact that holistic therapy was and still is a part of dealing with the pain that creates. So on a personal level I understood the importance of being able to connect to a holistic partitioner.

Overall I was happy with how the interview went, but I feel like I might of talked too much or too quickly due to being a little nervous. There was some reservations about me being at Coventry university  as they had worked with an intern from the university in the past and had some difficulty with communication and commuting to the office. I then mentioned that I was relatively free apart from the one day at university in the coming term and the fact that I lived relatively close to the train station. Making the hours I could work very flexible. They mentioned the fact that there could be communication over Skype and such. However they did also suggest that they might be looking for someone who lived in Birmingham.

The company is based within the Innovation Birmingham Campus ICentrum building. The building is host to a number of online start up companies. And the open layout of the building is meant to promote collaboration and productivity within the companies. It did seem like a very enjoyable environment to work in and it reminded me a little of the layout of my college.

There was one little worry I had when I arrived for the interview, due to the fact that it was raining outside I had not had chance to take my trainers off and switch to my black pumps. It was a silly thing to be worried about considering that I had dressed appropriately in business attire. But never the less it was one thing that I would of liked to have changed given the opportunity.

I hope to hear back from them during the week. At which point I will post about further developments and any feedback they might have from the interview.


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