Guest Speaker, Jonny Fewings

The third speaker was Jonny Fewings working in Media Consultancy. While the basis of the talk was more to do with final information and making films, I did find it informative and interesting. I can not see myself making films anytime soon but never the less there was useful advise for planning and budgeting, which could be useful in a number of media profession. One thing that I hadn’t realized before was that films can be brought at both ends of the spectrum, from already being filmed and edited to a simple script. The different films along this spectrum carry different risks. For example a company could buy a film in the early stages (script) it would cost less to buy, but a lot more money is needed for the production. However on the other hand you could buy a already made film, which is more expensive and then the film isn’t successful in the cinema. There are a number of thinks that he mentioned to consider, such as budget control, Effects, Location, Music, Technology and Funding. While much of this is to do with producing films I think I could use it in conjunction with Photography and social media management. For example, in order to produce a cost effective social media campaign I have to take into consideration how am I going to create this content. Which might lead into budgeting for a photo shoot, or using specific software to create images and posts.

Jonny Fewings also went into potential funding, and how to gain access to that funding in order to make a film. Although it would take a lot of planning it made me understand that even I could potentially make a very low budget film to a high quality. It makes these massive Hollywood successes feel a little less out of reach to achieve.


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