Guest Speaker, Natalie Cheary

Natalie Cheary was the second guest speaker we had talk to us, she explained to us her background in the PR industry and her career progression. As she stated in her talk she ‘started off by annoying the spice girls’ but then she started to work with them on their merchandise deals. Once she moved into freelance work it gave her access to a wide range of projects. This idea of freelance work dose sound more and more appealing, it would allow me to work across a wide range of companies and platforms. However as suggested with freelance, half the battle is building up contacts and being able to use those contacts successfully. Other wise no one will know about you and so they wont want to work with you. One of the main bits of advice I took away from this talk was the idea of making yourself indispensible, by learning a wide verity of skills. Also if you have skills such as photo editing and film production/ direction then this makes you invaluable to the company, as they don’t need to out source for that and instead have an in house production staff. PR itself is based on relationships and connections as a PM manager you have to be the connection between the media and your client. That being said while building up a rapport with your client, you also need to build up contacts and a rapport with the press. This way you can have better access to the stories that might run. Telling a Journalist ‘No comment’ or ‘you can’t run that’ is ill advised, as it hurts the relationship you might have with that journalist and also they will run the story anyway. Having an honest relationship with the press will allow you to be able to talk off the record when needed. There is a high turn over in the PR industry. In the PR industry you need to market yourself through networking and building up contacts, as being able to get your client to the right paper or on the right program can be made easier if you build up more contacts.


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