Writing a Cover letter.

Each time I applied for a position I would go over the outline of the internship and focus on the tasks in the description, tailoring my cover letter to show the aspects of my self that would best suit that position. This would often mean that I would be sat for hours going over the Cover letter, it would often take me a day to really write something that I thought the employers wanted.

I thought that the cover letter was as important as the CV. Often the CV is a very important part but it is the Cover letter that really gets companies to know you. During one phone conversation about a internship, I was told ‘we don’t really look at the CV, we focus more on the personal statement’ This is more than likely due to the fact that it gives a better understanding of you as a person, and your writing skills. With ‘Professional oral and written communication skills’ often being one of the top requirements in any job descriptions, a well written cover letter will help tick off that first requirement.


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