Guest Speaker, Lauren Bromley.

The first speaker to come and talk to us was Lauren Bromley She explained her progression into the position that she is currently in, as a social media manager. Her main advise was make sure that it is right for you, as she had found that the hours were not a typical 9 to 5 job and so if its not something which interests you in the long run it might not be for you. She suggested also to do your research not only into a professional job but also at a internship level, this can be done by asking the right questions online, going to career talks and events. Some key skills, which she associated with the position, are Communication skills, Hardworking, Adaptability (in order to keep up with the latest information) and being prepared for anything. It could be suggested that thee skills are ones shard by a number of different industries in the media sector and the marketing sector.

Moving back to the idea of asking the right questions, She used as example of her own experience where she didn’t ask the right questions about a position, leaving that position relatively early on due to feeling that it was not the right position for her. There were a few questions, which might be useful to remember from her talk. What did you expect from me? And what am I expected to do on a day-to-day job? These questions I think would be very helpful in multiple interview situations. Would this be the type of career that I want? I do like the idea of being able to be creative and having a level of flexibility to my work, as she said that one day she could be writing a social media post and then the next be on a photo shoot for a client’s campaign. The dedication to the job and the hours, are one thing that I think might make me hesitant for going for such a position, that being said once graduated from university the commitments on my time would be reduced.


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