Up dating my CV…again.

In my search for not only a placement but also part time work, I have found that a lot of time and effort must be spent going over the details in your CV and writing a cover letter in order to get anyone to take it seriously. I think so far I have written up to 6 different cover letters for different positions, and I have changed elements on the CV well over 50 times already. And I fear that I will have to change it at least twice that much before I will be asked to walk through a door for an interview.

But there is some aspects of the CV that might be hindrance to me trying to find work. With the elements of my actual job stopping companies from taking me seriously in a potential work placement. And my interest in my course preventing me from being seen as someone who can be dedicated to a partite job. Maybe I should make two completely separate CV’s? One with no mention of my projects to do with my course and the other only mentioning briefly my job. Might I get a better result?

Well While I work on that I’ve added an updated version of my CV below.