Review 28th October

28th October
Today we looked at representation and visibility.
Considering what is and isn’t being shown within the media. There was an example used of Nadiya Hussain who won bake off 2015 in regards to her religion. One article in regards to her winning described her as ‘Muslim Bake off favorite’ and  ‘British’. As if there is an underlying assumption that a person can’t be both British and Muslim. Which can be argued to be due to a level of stereotypes seen within the media. Nadia has been seen as a very positive representation of a Muslim woman. But at the time of her winning the great British bake off there was some news being shown on Tv in regards to Isis and other radical extremist groups. Due to this being shown in the meida there was some hatred directed towards Nadiya and her family due to her religion.
Now while she is a positive representation, due to the mass amount of negative representations of Muslim people through the actions of a few, this created a negative impression of the religion.
Framing, producers choosing what angle they show something from and how the program is edited together can have an impact upon what people take from a program. For example during the British bake off 2015 there was an incident which ended in one person’s cake not setting in time. The way the program was edited together made one of the contestants on the program look like she did it on purpose. This resulted in a mass amount of backlash on Twitter and other social media sites. However we have to ask how accurate was this representation?
 Ultimately we have to accept that everything shown in the media is a representation of a reality. Even programs that claim to be reality TV are highly edited in order to increase the drama within the stories and encourage audience to view a particular media artifact. Due to the fact that everything is highly mediated within the media, who it shows and who it chooses not to show can be very important. Because the producers are attempting to show the world as a particular view, however their view might not be an accurate representation of reality.

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