Reflection on class work 7/10/16

7th October 2016

This lecture has made me more skeptical of charity and online moments. I already have an understanding the charity will try and apply to me emotionally. Is it better to gain lots of support from people who don’t really know what they are supporting, or to gain some from people who know what they are doing and where the money is going?
Did the Kony2012 do what it set out to achieve?
In a way yes it did, the intention of the campaign was to get people all over the world to know about what was happening and generate awareness.
But did they really do anything to help the people in Africa?
Yes, they created an early warning system incase of acts by the LRA, helped to build schools and other developments of both strutter and technology. How ever not all of the money raised by the Kony2012 went to these things and instead a large amount of the money went on making sure that the film was circulated online. This is one thing that people critiqued the campaign over, arguing that the film portrayed a ‘white savior’ complex. which suggests that America see’s itself as the savior of what we might assume to be either a lesser developed country (technological) or a economical unstable one. But this leads into the question as to where the people really need help, in some cases it might be yes, but just because a places doesn’t look the same as your country docent mean its a bad place.
In recent years people have become more steadily aware the fact that charities will go to the most deprived places in countries like Africa and through the use of media make it look like the whole of Africa is the same. Which is not true, as seen through the growing GDP in countries such as Nigeria and a number of other African countries.
This being said, the main goal of the campaign and the film was to make it so that Kony would be recognized by people another the world. the idea was simple to get another people to care and to say that they wanted this person to be stopped. The main aim of it wasn’t necessarily to catch Kony personally but instead to create a mass of people who would say to their governments across the world that this mattered.
However, the simple fact is that Kony was not captured because of this campaign and US forces have now been pulled out in the assistance in finding Kony.
Was it a failure? No, not completely. But it is one thing for millions of people to say that this man had to be stopped it is complete other for a few people to carry out this plan of capturing him.
Would it of helped if the campaign was still active?
Maybe, maybe not. It would keep the subject at the top of the worlds list of priories, but could a few more years have anymore impact than it already has?
It does however give the impression of a feeling of defeat, as if because it didn’t reach its ultimate end goal that it was a complete failure. And so there are no further posts, information or mention of the campaign continuing at the strength it had done in 2012.
When I watched the video for the first time, I did feel emotional with some of the images that we were shown, but I also felt a sense of hope; hope that the campaign would be successful, along wit this idea that people from all around the world could come together to try and make a difference.
I understand that as a media student I should always look at these things in a critical way and in many instances I can understand why. We question so we can understand the society we live in, while most of the time it is propelled through simple capitalism and consumerism. I still hope that these thing come out of good intentions.

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