Final letter to self

Dear self
So I’ve made it through my first year. I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of people from all sorts of different backgrounds.
I have done and made things that if a years a ago I would have panicked at the thought of, like taking part in a photography exhibition.
My favorite part of this year was being able to create new media artifacts. For example a number of group documentaries and group projects which I have had an influence in the creation of.
One thing I have learnt about my self during this course is that I can be very good at organizing myself and others ignored to meet deadlines and meet task criteria. Another thing I have learned is that I can some times have some very good ideas which add to the groups i am in.
Over the year, as I have felt more comfortable with the different theories and different editing software such as Photoshop or premier pro, I have become more confidant and outspoken with my ideas.  And on some occasions I am more likely to try to take the lead o some projects or part of the projects. For example I took the lead in gaining the photos required of our 183MC TV pitch task.
I have a better understanding of the theory used within media and also learned about some theory I had not previously heard of such as neo political ideology. As my understanding of the different theory has improved so has my essay writing skills allowing me to fully explain and embed theory which is relevant to my points.
Due to the fact that within this curse I have been able to take part in a number of tasks reading from radio and advertising to video editing, it has allowed me to think a little more about what profession I might want to go into after my course has finished or during a work placement. For example I enjoyed being able to put together our 183MC radio advert and analyzing the semiotics within our photo task. But that being said I think that the modules I have picked for next year, will expand on my knowledge of semiotics.
On the whole I have enjoyed this first year of university immensely, and I look forward to next years modules, although it would be a lie if I said I wasn’t a little nervous about them.

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