Term 2 182MC Module feedback

Within the 182MC module, we were given the task to create a behind the scenes video, which contained footage from different tasks which were completed each week. This module required a large amount of out of hours planing and preparation in order to complete each task and then edit together in a coherent way. One issue we found was that we had hours of extra footage which we had to go through in order to create the video.

However that being said the fact that we showed the vast number of hours spent planing and prepping worked well within the video. The final product had a professional look, although it was suggested that having both an overall introduction to the main outcome of the video along with individual introductions to the tasks would help the audience to know what the tasks are about.
Within this task as demonstrated via the documentary our group has clearly explored technology in quite an expansive way. There is a good engagement with the weekly reading, however must remember to cite quotations. The voice over used within some parts of the documentary was criticized as being a little disconnected in parts.
The main point from the feed back are:
  • Structure
  • clearly introduce tasks/ assignment
However, it has been said that our group has been able to ‘produce a thoughtful and critically engaged piece of work’.
182MC- 68%

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