Term 2 180MC Module feedback

Within the 180MC module we were given three main tasks for our course work. The first was to give a presentation (60%), produce a online manifesto (55%) and write a critical review essay (72%), which reviewed other groups presentations.

The layout of the manifesto made it look more like a blog rather than a political or in this case environmental manifesto. It was therefore also suggested that a better layout with headings and drop down subheadings for the different articles would of suited the codes and conventions of a manifesto better. However it did demonstrate an engagement with course material, although this could of been better interrogated into our groups overall manifesto, also requiring a much sharper analysis of the theories. Overall, the main fault in this piece was the layout and structure along with not having a clear strong mission statement.

The feedback from the critical review essay was a little more positive. Stating that it began with a ‘very clear introduction that gives the context to each presentation and considers the impact of digital communication’. It also continued a well considered analysis of theorists such as Skates and Boyd. The writing style was promising, however I MUST remember to us CU Harvard referencing along with page numbers. There was also a suggestion that I should expand and problematice my point when saying that the use of the Mona Lisa within a groups remix help ‘maintains this historic paintings cultural significance’.

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