Romeo & Juliet

This year is commentating the 400 years scenes Shakespeare death. Because of the association of Shakespeare and Strafford, there are a variety of performances and events that are conducted commemorating his work. One of these events took place in Coventry town centre. The performance was of Romeo and Juliet. However the actors within the production were made up of people who had never acted before.

_DSC7551The event was free to see, and conducted in the open air. There was some publicity conducted by Coventry & Warwickshire radio, who also provided the music and sound effects for the performance.. There were a number of actors playing the roles of both Romeo and Juliet, from a virally of different ages. There was an aspect of audience participation, before the start of the performance _DSC7598this was encouraged by the two presenters, who had dressed in Elizabethan style clothes.
The performance was taken well, with people especially enjoying the well choreographed dancing within the play._DSC7967
This performance was put on in order to give people a chance who haven’t seen a Shakespeare play before a chance to experience it for the first time. And performed by people who hadn’t acted a Shakespearean play before. The choice of music within the production brought the play to the 21st century. Allowing people to understand the emotions and the theme of love more potently.

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