New media gate keepers.

A conference was put together that discussed a variety of different events within the media industry. One of the main focus during this seminar was upon the power that people have with distribution of data and more likely who has the power to distribute information. These tent to be controlled by the ‘GateKeeper’. They have the power to decide what games, books, digital art and tv series we has cases to. The updating of gaming consoles is used to make previous consoles and games obsolete, which on the one hand encourages the consumable culture we are in. Where we need to constantly update our technology in order to appear successful. For example the most up to date phone. And lines forming out of the apple stores in order to get the new latest iPhone. The game developer EA, has in resent years taken over many smaller game developer such as Lion Head Studios  (know for developing games such as the Fable franchisee). However the take over of the smaller companies means that they have a larger control over the market. EA has become the main gate-keeper of the games industry. Our internet providers are also seines gate keepers. They control when we can connect to sites. But they also control what we can see. Some countries block sites from entering their countries.


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