Femininity in Film (Tammy)

One of the films in the Femininity in Film series looked at the film ‘Tammy’ in order to discus issues of body image, and how women who are perceived to be ‘Fat’ are depicted within film. This lecture was based upon the research of Dr Katrina Kyroia, regarding ‘Feminist Fat studies and comedy. Dr Kyroia made the suggestion that women who are seen as ‘fat’ in films are often depicted in a comical way. The film does this by making fun of the characters weight. This reinforcement of  negative body images can have a drastically negative effect upon what both men and women perceive as the bodily ideal.

‘Tammy’ is one of many examples of ‘fat shaming’ ideology seen within the media. For example Eddie Murphy in Norbit (2007) in which he used a fat suit as one of the characters. The use of fat suits give the impression that it is not a really body and so does not need to be treated ethically. It creates the idea that a ‘fat’ person in realy life also suggested be treated ethically (fat jokes are ok), this can be damaging to the individual.

Over all this was an interesting lecture on the relationship between the power that women have and the way they are portrayed in the media.


One thought on “Femininity in Film (Tammy)

  1. That does sound very interesting. I completely agree. I have noticed that in films and I don’t like it.

    One film which I felt was more empowering to women of a larger size is City Island, which I felt showed that plus size women are feminine and sexually desirable, as part of the story. I think that this part of the film was empowering to women and showed the world that different people have different preferences in terms of what interests them in that way. It was refreshing to see that the characters in the film were not being laughed at, or portrayed in a comical way. The main plus size woman in this film is sexually powerful and strong, and impressive, and it would be great to see more strong plus size female characters in films.


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