Researching the Sensory (Seminar)

  • Sensory Ethnography Seminar
  • We are participating in a bodily way. For example if we looked at what types of people do drag racing actually getting into a drag car will give us an understanding of what it feels like to do drag racing.
  • The concept of embodiment suggests that we need to intergrade our body and our mind.
  • Surveys are blunt tools, people don’t like doing them. People might lie. They don’t tell details. Good for quantity.
  • Sensory ethnographers are trying to find out what people really feel like. In order to do this they need to be with them so they can understand their environment. There is a level of bias with this. Where is the limit? (studying cocaine use, it would be harmful to take part in drug use)
  • What cultural representation does smells have?
  • Some smells remind us of different people. Some have a masculine connotation like oil. Some have a feminine connotation (mostly food).
  • Our visual experience is constantly being added to by our other senses.

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