Researching space (Seminar)

  • analyse the website
  • analyse
  • what information these maps represent?
  • These maps are used to show the predicted weather conditions within the Uk.
  • Not every where is shown, for example main cities are shown.
  • Don’t show weather in southern Ireland.
  • You can change it to show rainfall


  • how that information has been presented?
  • The map can be seen in the centre of the page. With differ boxes around the map containing different weather information. Such as ‘Space weather’ giving you information about solar flares. Focusing on the sun.
  • Seven day forecast, set to the city of London.
  • Can change location to see weather in a specific location other than London.
  • why they have been created?
  • These maps where created in order to give people information about the weather in the UK.
  • who they are aimed at?
  • UK citizens.
  • People traveling to the Uk.
  • how they constrict and reflect power divisions in society?
  • They don’t show southern Ireland or the British Isles.

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