Researching people (Seminar)

  • Topic Guides
  • Focus on specific aspect of experience and work out some non-leading questions. Looking at Aspect of experience.
  • When did you deicide to go to university?
  • Why did you deicide to come to university?
  • What where your thoughts and experiences?
  • Was it what you expected?
  • What did you expect?
  • Is your course what you expected?
  • How do you feel about your course?
  • How much work do you do for your course?
  • How do you make your notes?




  1. Finials problems


-Part Time Job?

-How many hours do you work?

-Do you worry about finials?

  1. Living situation

-What accommodation are you living in?

-What is the environment like in your accommodation?

  1. The course

-What did you think about your course?

  1. First coming to University
  • Fresher events


Planning for this weeks task:

  • Friendship on social media?
  • Have you ever added someone on line who you didn’t know in really life?
  • Is your friendship group the same as your one in really life?
  • What is Difference between friends online and in reality?
  • Are you more comfortable communicating online?

Do you have any personal experience of bad cyber experience?


What social media sites do you use?

-How many sites are you involved in?


How often do you them?

Why do you use them?


How long have you been online for?

How does social media affect your relationships?

Social media security.- What steps do you take to feel secure online?

-Do you feel conscience of what you are putting online?






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