Photgraphing the Unknowns


As part of our task for this week, we had to take a photo in which the subject’s face could not be identified. We were given a number of options to achieve this. We could take a photo of the back of the subject or experimented with shutter speed in order to distort the image in some way. However I had decided take a simple photograph of my brothers tattoos. His face is not in the photo so this essential could be anyone, however I think the tattoos make this photo stand out a little more.

_DSC6980 copy copy

In photo club we were also given the task of Nude vs Naked. I decided to use this photo for that purpose after I re-eddited it a little. I changed it to black and white and increased the brightness a little so I could still see the details in the tattoos. I then decided to reintroduce the red colour into some parts of the tattoos in order to draw the viewers eye directly to the tattoos.


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