Researching People

For this weeks task we were given the task to conduct an interview or a focus group discussion. During our season and group meetings we came up with a set of questions and points in order to construct a topic guide. This allowed us to conducted the interviews in a structured way as it gave us a guide as to what questions we should ask. At first our group wanted to use a focus group in order to gain a more relaxed and varied response to the questions. However we found difficulty in finding a large enough amount of willing participants. This meant that instead we had to conduct individual interviews.

The questions we asked were not affected by this too much, due to the fact that we used them as a standard set of questions (we may of asked or changed questions in response to the answers we were given).

The participants that we got to take part in the interviews were also part of our media and communications course, this meant that they had a understanding of what the footage was being used for and so required less explanation than external individuals. However the answers we received were limited to a specific group of people. If we asked a more varied group of participants with people who weren’t doing a media course we might of gained different answers to our questions.

As a means to try and get participants to take part, we advertised on social network sites such as Facebook.  In spite of our efforts we didn’t get a response to the posts (apart from two likes) that would be labeled as adequate for this task.


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