Making a Vlog

Lets talk about being a media student, Vlog

As part of our behind the scenes video, we have been given the task to make a vlog, talking about our experiences with social media and being a media student in general.

In the vlog I made I talk about the types of social media outlets which I use, along with some issues with social media. For example terms and conditions which contain wording which might have some ethical issues. For example Facebook messenger’s terms and conditions state that they can access your camera on your phone without your knowledge.  I find this slightly intimidating because it suggests that technology has the power not us as the consumers.

There have also been issues with people using either a handle or their own name which are similar to a companies name. At which point the companies do try to stop people from using their names online because they are worried that they might loose out on potential clients. For example Tumbler removed links to a woman’s account and move her posts due to a company having the same name as her handle.

This made me think about what about my name. There have been lost of time when I’ve been trying to make a profile on a social media site and found that in stead of Emma Lawson as my user name I’ve had to have ELLawson, or some other version of my name. Also as part of my photography module we are told to make a separate blog for our photos, however I found that there was already a blog called Emma Lawson’s Photography. Although I am not a company and don’t at all suggest that I’m a professional by any stretch of the imagination. They might at some point find my blog and decide that I’m encroaching upon their company and try to stop me from posting photos. It’s a little scary.


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