Looking back on term 1 module 181MC

Contemporary Theories

The module was made up of two parts. The first was a series of tasks to be completed and then discussed in a theoretical manner, writing 500 words on four of the tasks and the last task was to create a documentary about racism. The second task was an individual 1,500 word essay using one of the themes discussed in class (Gender, Race, Class, etc) to write about a recent issue/controversy/debate  of our choosing. For example I chose to look at hate crimes against the LBGT community, using theories base in the theme of gender and sexuality.

The first set of tasks were accomplished though group work. I helped to organize group meetings and group trips we went on in order to complete the tasks set. As a group we each played a part in writing the 500 word tasks up.  I had a large part to play in the creation of the final project, I helped to direct and film with my group, and I used the video editing software to edit the documentary together.  I received 62% for this part of my course work.

I recieved 55% on my 1,500 essay, the over all argument was good but the use of references needed to be more structured in order to create a coherent argument.


Over all in this module I received 58.50%.


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