Propaganda Seminar

The university sometimes hold seminars, with guest speakers who come in and share the findings of their research with students and staff. One such seminar was on propaganda, the types of propaganda used (mostly focusing on the US). This seminar was given by Dr Emma Briant, in which she discussed her research findings.

The idea of propaganda as we know it, originated in the 17th century and used by the Catholic church in order to ‘propagate the faith’.

Propaganda may and may not contain lies. The intended audience of the propaganda depends upon weather or not it uses lies. For example propaganda intended for an domestic audience (know as public affairs) are less likely to use lies (misrepresentation) ignored to gain support. However propaganda intended for a foreign audience (psychological operations) are more likely to contain lies

Propaganda has been used by a variety of governments and political movements, such as feminist movement and environmental moments.

White propaganda -Overt, its source known to the audience

Black propaganda -Contains lies and deception, the source of the information is not given

Grey propaganda -Some where in between

Psychological operations = foreign audience , can contain black propaganda

Public Affairs = domestic audience , predominantly is made up of white propaganda. Has a transparency. This gives justification to using propaganda within democracy.




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