The presentation

As part of my 180MC module, our groups are expected to give a presentation about a topic which we have been discussing within the last week. These presentations make up to 25% of our over all grade for this module. Our topic was Celebrities and the power they have in the political world (for example any charity work or campaigns against or for a political policy).

Our group decided to use Prezi to present our presentation, as we felt it would give it a high professional finish. The celebrity we chose to investigate was Miley Cyrus, as her appearance within the media and how the media talk about her was intriguing. But also the political activism she has taken part in allowed us to show a different side to her, that might not be show in the mass media.


The feed back we got from the presentation was mostly positives, but there was concerns that the video we chose to use was a little long. We had discussed some theories and ideas within the presentation but it we could of gone further into theses theories and expanded upon some of the ideas we expressed in the presentation. Every one in the group took part in speaking during the presentation, however there was some repetition with some of the things we were saying.

The over all presentation obtained 60% as the mark.


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