Researching Space

The task we have been set for this part of the module is to investigate a space that our group uses and investigate its history. Along with how it has been mapped and then how we can produce a cartography of the space.

The second part of the task was to disrupt this space in some way (behaving in a way you wouldn’t normally behave or doing something you wouldn’t normally do). We had to think about what the space is usually used for, then think about how it could be used differently to its intended purpose.

For our space we had decided to investigate Far Gosford St in Coventry, this is because the area is rich in history, due to the space being a street the shops and house on that street would be very good to investigate. At first we had an idea that our disruption could simple us having a picnic in the middle of the street, however decided against it (the lack of space and lack of funds for picnic supplies played a big part in that decision). Instead we had decided to walk as a group along the street and then suddenly stop and stand still. The reasoning behind this was the idea that the etiquette of walking on a street is that you don’t stop in the middle of the street. We found that people would obviously go out of their way ignored to try to avoid the group, with some people even looking at our group with perplexed expressions.

Although you could say that its not a exciting disruption, no one was dancing or singing. The simplicity of it meant that we were able to do it repeatedly in various areas along the street, with minimal damage to the area (it didn’t get us into trouble and we weren’t arrested) which is a good thing.


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