Notes from lecture (Ginger snaps)

Notes from lecture:

Femininity in Film: Ginger Snaps 2002

Directed by John Fawcett

Horror genre

Looking at female elements of sister hood.

Uses metaphor to refer to puberty.

Women in Horror: moving beyond misogyny

Has a bad reputation

-Horror audience: male?

Appeals to adolescent males

[Objections: e.g. Cherry (2009)

-Male killers, sadistic pleasure

Male killers and female victims

Psychoanalytical film theory

Suggest that the killer has some sexual relies or thrill out of stalking and killing women. They then suggests that the audience, being that it is formed primarily of adolescent males will some how also experience a sexual thrill from watching the actions taken place in the film.

Audience voyeurism

Special visual attention is paid to the killing women, getting some pleasure out of stalking and killing women.

‘Glamorous and eroticized enactments of violence against women… normalizing, legitimating, creating desires for, lowering inhibitions against, and providing imitable scripts for femicide’ (Caputi, 1992: 218)

Reputation of having a Misogynistic genre?

-Men respond to Hostel: Part 2 with ‘orgasmic…erotic joy’ (Sarracio and Scott, 2008:162)


“Torture porn” (45 films)

Miss represents the films and their content.

-Killed: 244m, 108f

-Severe injury: 293m, 144f

-M harm F, 206 incidents

-F harm M, 155 incidents

-M harm M 351incidents

-Threat (sexual), not necessarily violent

-Memorable, female killings are more memorable because men killing men are expected within these films. Stereo typing the film

Misogyny/sexual violence: rare

-Indie horror

-Anti-mainstream extremity

– Because these extreme indie horror are on the fringed it is used to show misogyny is wrong or seen as bad in society

The final girl, the surviving female character to rise up out of the people who get killed and fights back and survive.

Clover’s final Girl

How can males identify with a female protagonist?


‘She is not fully feminine’, on the basis of her ‘ smartness, gravity, competence in mechanical an other practical matters’ (1993:40)

-Does this really take away female femininity?

Empathic Centers

We are given the view of the victim; the music follows the excitement and trepidation of the victim not the killer.

Some films deal with female issues, ‘baby blues’ postnatal depression

But the films do not deal with it in a sensitive way (its horror what do thinks going to happen)

Women can be seen as the villain

Horrific women

‘The Loved Ones’-both simultaneous feminine and masculine


Misogynistic film/ makers?

‘Dead girl’

Female monstrosity, increase

2 normal teenage boys actions are actually horrific and monstrous.

Gendered anxieties (Puberty/ sexuality)

Negotiating extrinsic societal expectations

This lecture was focused on how women are depicted within horror films, and the impact this has on female representation within media.


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