Looking back on term 1 Module 105MC


During 105MC we were set discussion topics as groups, on subjects we had discussed in class, for example genre. As a group we were quite good at meeting up and discussing these topics. The coursework for this module was the 72 hour challenge, we were given 72 hours to create a documentary. The subject of the documentary was a ‘day in the life of’. As a group we decided to create a documentary called ‘A day in the life of a phone-less teenager’. We all produced footage on our phones as this was a condition of the documentary. Because our groups were made up of people from the different media course, it was decided that the media producers would be the ones to edit the documentary together.

The second part of the coursework for this module was to right a book, about our documentary. We were each expected to write a chapter within the book, of about 1,000 words. My chapter was on the narrative of the production and looking at the different theories behind narrative and what style of narrative was present within our documentary. I found this enjoyable, but I think I would of gotten a better mark had I used more references from different sources.



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