Femininity In Film (Ginger Snaps)

This is a series of films reflecting upon the role women play in film and how they are portrayed. The first film shown was ‘Ginger Snaps’ 2002 directed by John Fawcett, it is class as a horror genre, the film follows two sisters as they face the changes that occur in their lives such as puberty, while also combating the dangers of turning into a werewolf. The changes seen in Ginger one of the leading characters as she is turned into a werewolf, are used as a metaphor for the changes she is going through during puberty, suggesting that in some way women turn into monsters.

This film was used as a means to analysis women in horror films and the roles that they play. As stated by the speaker ‘moving beyond misogyny’. Horror films are known for having a bad reputation when it comes to the representation of women, they usually portray male killers and female victims.

The audience of this genre of films tend to be adolescent males, this makes the portrayal of women even more disturbing. The speaker made the spoke about some sort of voyeurism gained by the viewer. For example special visual attention is paid to the killing women, getting some pleasure out of stalking and killing women.







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