Starting to plan the Behind the scenes video

With in my group we had decided to try and do each task as it was set each week. This is so we have an idea of what our video would look like each week as it developed (also it would mean that we wouldn’t be rushing around trying to edit a 30 minuet video together two days before it was due).

For this weeks task we were told to do some ethnographic research into the different technologies which are used within the Ellen Terry building. Because it was our first task, we spent a lot of time discussing how we would go about doing the task and the theory behind the task but not much time was spent doing the task. Because the day we choice to film, coincided with a open day we found it very intimidating filming people in the Ellen Terry building.

But we did find some interesting uses of technology through out the building, from the very obvious use of computers and mobile phones, there were also people reading books for pleasure. This shows that in some cases people prefer old technologies to newer ones.

The filming technique should be improved upon.


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