The start of my digital research diary

Critical media methods. This model is looking into different methods of research in regards to culture and the media. The first reading from ‘Writing Culture and Recording Culture’ In: Makagon and Neumann (2009) Recording Culture London: Sage, looks into different forms of research and the academic reliability of them. It makes the suggestion that account that are written down are some how seen to be more reliable, as we are able to contextualize the information.

J.Walter Fewkes in 1890 recorder the stories and songs of the Passumaquaddy tribe. These recordings allowed him to document and preserve a form of culture, which is no longer around today due to the homogeneous national culture which spread in the 1800’s and 1900’s.

To some people it was seen as a form of duty to ‘collect and salvage forms of culture that would disappear’. New development in audio recording equipment allowed not only  a different form of culture to be recored but also music. Robert Winslow Gordon in the 1920’s made recording of shanty and folk songs through out America, creating over 300 recordings. In a way these songs are part of a culture, which like the tribes are becoming forgotten as industrialization took over in both America and the UK.

However the qualitative properties of these recordings, meant that academia  still preferred the written word, because it is harder to contextualize an audio recording. ‘Academia seen as having a ambivalent and sometimes dismissive stance towards other modes of documentation’.



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