Looking back on term 1 module 181MC

Contemporary Theories

The module was made up of two parts. The first was a series of tasks to be completed and then discussed in a theoretical manner, writing 500 words on four of the tasks and the last task was to create a documentary about racism. The second task was an individual 1,500 word essay using one of the themes discussed in class (Gender, Race, Class, etc) to write about a recent issue/controversy/debate  of our choosing. For example I chose to look at hate crimes against the LBGT community, using theories base in the theme of gender and sexuality.

The first set of tasks were accomplished though group work. I helped to organize group meetings and group trips we went on in order to complete the tasks set. As a group we each played a part in writing the 500 word tasks up.  I had a large part to play in the creation of the final project, I helped to direct and film with my group, and I used the video editing software to edit the documentary together.  I received 62% for this part of my course work.

I recieved 55% on my 1,500 essay, the over all argument was good but the use of references needed to be more structured in order to create a coherent argument.


Over all in this module I received 58.50%.


Photo op with a squirrel


(24th January)

I’m not going to lie, I took this one because I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. I was able to get very close to him before he scampered off.

The clock in the shopping center


(27th January) I saw this when I was having a nice hot chocolate in the Nero in the middle of the shopping center of coventry. They reminded me a little of the Blackpool illuminations. There was a number of them set up above the shops, but only this one was lit. I might go back and see if any others were lit. One looked like it was shaped into a penny farthing. I would presume that these have been put in place to promote Coventry’s industrial history.


I like the practicality of it as well (it is a working clock).

The lights under a Coventry overpass.


(27th January)

I took this photo on the way home from the library one evening, I liked the colours given off by the lights under the over pass. They were recently installed along the columns. I think effect of the lights would be even better at night though. Even though Coventry can be seen as a concrete city there is still a little bit of nature every where, the tree protruding in from the corner helps to remind us of this.


This Photo was taken on the same day, the lights from this angle has a better affect in this photo.

Propaganda Seminar

The university sometimes hold seminars, with guest speakers who come in and share the findings of their research with students and staff. One such seminar was on propaganda, the types of propaganda used (mostly focusing on the US). This seminar was given by Dr Emma Briant, in which she discussed her research findings.

The idea of propaganda as we know it, originated in the 17th century and used by the Catholic church in order to ‘propagate the faith’.

Propaganda may and may not contain lies. The intended audience of the propaganda depends upon weather or not it uses lies. For example propaganda intended for an domestic audience (know as public affairs) are less likely to use lies (misrepresentation) ignored to gain support. However propaganda intended for a foreign audience (psychological operations) are more likely to contain lies

Propaganda has been used by a variety of governments and political movements, such as feminist movement and environmental moments.

White propaganda -Overt, its source known to the audience

Black propaganda -Contains lies and deception, the source of the information is not given

Grey propaganda -Some where in between

Psychological operations = foreign audience , can contain black propaganda

Public Affairs = domestic audience , predominantly is made up of white propaganda. Has a transparency. This gives justification to using propaganda within democracy.



Foot bridge in Coventry


(27th January)

I decided to add a filter to this photo, I liked the stormy look of the original. I wanted to see if I could enhance the stormy look in the photo by adding a darker filter. However I feel like its become a little washed out.

27th January (Towering over the Church)


I took this photo on the 27th January. The lighting was not very good, due to the weather. But I liked this photo because it was a nice contrast between the old and the new buildings in Coventry. Its a little sad, because the church looks a little unloved and is dwarfed by the huge modern tower block.

Researching Space

The task we have been set for this part of the module is to investigate a space that our group uses and investigate its history. Along with how it has been mapped and then how we can produce a cartography of the space.

The second part of the task was to disrupt this space in some way (behaving in a way you wouldn’t normally behave or doing something you wouldn’t normally do). We had to think about what the space is usually used for, then think about how it could be used differently to its intended purpose.

For our space we had decided to investigate Far Gosford St in Coventry, this is because the area is rich in history, due to the space being a street the shops and house on that street would be very good to investigate. At first we had an idea that our disruption could simple us having a picnic in the middle of the street, however decided against it (the lack of space and lack of funds for picnic supplies played a big part in that decision). Instead we had decided to walk as a group along the street and then suddenly stop and stand still. The reasoning behind this was the idea that the etiquette of walking on a street is that you don’t stop in the middle of the street. We found that people would obviously go out of their way ignored to try to avoid the group, with some people even looking at our group with perplexed expressions.

Although you could say that its not a exciting disruption, no one was dancing or singing. The simplicity of it meant that we were able to do it repeatedly in various areas along the street, with minimal damage to the area (it didn’t get us into trouble and we weren’t arrested) which is a good thing.

Femininity in Film (Tammy)

One of the films in the Femininity in Film series looked at the film ‘Tammy’ in order to discus issues of body image, and how women who are perceived to be ‘Fat’ are depicted within film. This lecture was based upon the research of Dr Katrina Kyroia, regarding ‘Feminist Fat studies and comedy. Dr Kyroia made the suggestion that women who are seen as ‘fat’ in films are often depicted in a comical way. The film does this by making fun of the characters weight. This reinforcement of  negative body images can have a drastically negative effect upon what both men and women perceive as the bodily ideal.

‘Tammy’ is one of many examples of ‘fat shaming’ ideology seen within the media. For example Eddie Murphy in Norbit (2007) in which he used a fat suit as one of the characters. The use of fat suits give the impression that it is not a really body and so does not need to be treated ethically. It creates the idea that a ‘fat’ person in realy life also suggested be treated ethically (fat jokes are ok), this can be damaging to the individual.

Over all this was an interesting lecture on the relationship between the power that women have and the way they are portrayed in the media.

The presentation

As part of my 180MC module, our groups are expected to give a presentation about a topic which we have been discussing within the last week. These presentations make up to 25% of our over all grade for this module. Our topic was Celebrities and the power they have in the political world (for example any charity work or campaigns against or for a political policy).

Our group decided to use Prezi to present our presentation, as we felt it would give it a high professional finish. The celebrity we chose to investigate was Miley Cyrus, as her appearance within the media and how the media talk about her was intriguing. But also the political activism she has taken part in allowed us to show a different side to her, that might not be show in the mass media.



The feed back we got from the presentation was mostly positives, but there was concerns that the video we chose to use was a little long. We had discussed some theories and ideas within the presentation but it we could of gone further into theses theories and expanded upon some of the ideas we expressed in the presentation. Every one in the group took part in speaking during the presentation, however there was some repetition with some of the things we were saying.

The over all presentation obtained 60% as the mark.