I heard it through the grapevine

Being gay is not seen as an issue for most people in todays society, it might therefore suggest that we are starting to become a more homonormitive society. Being gay is now seen as normal. However, a simpler explanation might be found in the neoliberal ideals our society has which have become apart of our own individual ideologies. This ideology is that it is only okay if you keep it to your self and do not interact in a social dimension, this is due to the fact that neoliberalism tries to individualizes people an there sexuality. People might therefore have the impression that a person’s sexuality is their own and has nothing to do with society or the influence of other people.

One of the interviewees was a little shocked at the idea that Ashley Cole might be gay ‘I wouldn’t think he was gay, because he doesn’t follow the same stereotype of a gay person’, but it didn’t seem to change their opinion of him. They did not appear to link the idea of him being gay to his profession, but instead focused on his relationship with Cheryl Cole ‘I would still have the same opinion of him as I would be for, because the fact that he cheated on his wife would make me react more than the fact that he came out as gay’.

When discussing Stephen Fry the interviews where more focused on his choice in partner than his career or achievements. However some interviewees made a clear attempt to be politically correct ‘so what if he married a young person’ and ‘I don’t care it doesn’t really bother me’ to the questions of what they thought about his sexuality. They brought up his marriage immediately, as if young people feel obliged to state how socially acceptable being gay is before they say anything else about a person.

Foucault has suggested that a person who openly discuss sexuality which is non heterosexual ‘places himself to a certain extent outside the reach of power, he upsets established law’, this view might have been true during the 1980s, however as seen within the interviews a persons sexuality is seen as a personal thing. Society and law therefore has no right to comment on a person’s sexuality.

All of the interviewees made a point of ‘not caring’ about either Stephen Fry’s or Ashley Cole’s sexuality. Many said, “It doesn’t effect my life,” this mature and cautious response highlights the fact that young people are more politically aware and want to achieve equal rights within society.

A lot of people who are against homosexuality see it as a pathology that has to be abolished or at least censored. The main two reasons brought to the table are: religion and their incapacity of being “productive”. The first case is more striking in less culturally diverse countries because most of those haven’t even legalized gay marriage yet. Therefore, most of the people from those kind of countries don’t try to be politically correct and they usually just express their disgust regarding this subject.

On the other hand, Lee Edelman had a theory related to the second reason called the “reproductive futurity”, arguing that procreation is imperatively necessary in a capitalist society which is based on production in order to assure the persistency of the capitalist machine.


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