What is the media? Why is it important to study it?

  1. Media that I consume during an average week
  • -Advertising posters, flyers, leaflets.
  • -Books, both fiction and non-fiction
  • -Film, on TV, on DVD and online with companies such as Netflix
  • -TV, news, sitcoms, documentaries etc.
  • -Facebook, twitter, youtube
  1. Where do you consume them?/ 3. How do you consume them?
  • The adverting is a general consumption, as there are posters everywhere around the university. The bombardment of advertising can be seen every where, for example bus stops are prime advertising locations, along with on the sides of buses. This is due to the vast amount of public transportation around Coventry, which allows for a large audience to be able to see the advertising. This might be why a lot of the bus adverts are more often than not to do with film and cinema, they can be used to advertise newly released films.

A lot of the TV and film I watch, I watch at home (my flat), either on the TV, DVD or on my Xbox. Due to the need of a TV license, my TV is in my room. This means that instead of the act of watching TV feeling like a communal activity, it feels like an individual activity. That being said some businesses do have TV’s which display programs like the rolling news, this might be to accommodate business people who might need to keep up with the news for their jobs. It helps people who are on the go all day and might not get the opportunity to sit down and watch the news.

Online sites such as Facebook can be accessed anywhere, anytime, thanks to the use of smart phones. We are constantly connected to the internet and social media through our phones now. That being said they can also be accessed in the more traditional ways via a computer or laptop, however the versatility of the phone and the fact that they are considerably smaller makes it far more easier to accesses on the go.

  1. What factors effect my choice of media text?

There are many factors, some are decide by me, and most are forms of media that are simply there. For example advertising is something which is all around us, we even see it on YouTube advertising. However there are some forms of advertising that I might try to look for specifically, such as film trailers.

The main factor for me is enjoyment, I watch films I think I’m going to enjoy and the same is for TV and books. This being said genre can help influence this, as like many of the people in society I make a prior judgment on weather or not I will enjoy the film by the genre. For example I don’t usually enjoy spy movies, this is one of the reasons I have never watched Mission Impossible because I don’t think I would enjoy it. However when a spy movie has a comical aspect like in ‘A man from U.N.C.L.E’ or ‘Kings men’ I find that I do enjoy watching it. This suggests that by making hybrid genres or adding new or different elements to existing genres allows it to gain a wider audience.

There are some forms of media which I have to read, watch or research, due to the course that I am on. For example text books, might not be something I enjoy reading but it is something I need to read, therefore in the professional world sometimes we don’t have a choice over what media we are exposed to.


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