The impact of music

When we think about how me interact with music on a day to day basis, a lot of the time we don’t see the impact that it has on us and our emotional state. We might say things like oh I only listen to music when I’m in the car, or when I’m doing other things. Its something on in the background, be most of the time we’re not really listening to it. The same can be said for tv’s now days, its switched on and your watching it, but your not really seeing it because your on your phone or computer at the same time.

Our taste in music changes over time, I would be the first to admit that S-Club 7 is no longer on my top ten. Some times when you talk to people and they say they listen to one particular genre, it seams kind of silly. Due to the fact that many bands and artists are influenced by different artists and genres, can we really say that there is a genre of music which has no other influence other than itself.

I would have to say that my taste  in music can vary from Ella Fitzgerald to Slipknot, there is not a lot I won’t listen to. Of course there are things I enjoy  more than others and I find it depends what mood I’m in as to what I want to listen to.

There are many things advertising uses to promote a emotional response to their advert, for example the use of cinematography, but most often the music used within an advert will help to create that desired response. This principle can by put towards the making of our own videos. If I was to talk about a emotional topic which I found resinated with my self, I wouldn’t pair that music with a cheery pop tune. Instead I might pair it with either an inspirational or sad tune, depending on what message I wanted to portray.



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