Girls just wanna have fun

The Coventry Transport museum

Our first leisure activity that we completed was attending Coventry Transport Museum.  It holds the largest publicly owned collection of British vehicles in the world. At a few stages in your walk round, you get asked to vote on what you would do or prefer in terms of transport for the past and the future. This is an easy and simple way to appeal to all audiences. At the end of the experience you can go in the 4D Land Speed Record Simulator. Although it is £5, this will highly appeal to teenagers and is a unique selling point for the museum.

As the museum is free for all general admission, the museum is aimed at all classes. It does cost for schools and they encourage education groups to come along as it is educational and fun for children.

We noted that at the museum, there were mainly an older generation with their grandchildren and men. As cars and History are thought of as typically male topics, we were unsurprised by this result. The older generation would be interested in the History of transport as it could hold an emotional stigma to their past. They are the opinion leaders and inflict their dominant response onto the grandchildren. If they talk about the museum in a positive way, their grandchildren are likely to conclude a similar response.

When looking at who would visit Coventry Cathedral it is clear that a certain demographic would only visit this place as a Christian site. Children understanding a religion that may be more enforced through their primary school education. However it means that people of all classes are welcomed inside for prayer. There may be a divide in how class is represented there but inside people are equal. According to the theorist Karl Marx says that “ as of a difference in wages the working class are constantly ruled by people of a higher class, making it difficult to improve their jobs and life prospects.”

What he says is true but within a church for people to visit it removes the boundaries of class from the equation, as money doesn’t change what people are inside the Cathedral.

The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum

The third activity we decided to do was to go to the Herbert Art Gallery. There were a mixture of ages within the gallery from 18 to 60, there were not many children, as seen in the previous two activities. One of the exhibitions we went to was ‘war games’ in which there was displayed a mixture of audio visual content along with interactive displays of children’s toys. While these displays, would appeal to young audiences the message behind them is quite poignant.

On the whole from an economic standpoint, we would suggest that these activities are open for all classes due to the fact that they are free. It has been suggested by media theorists that culture and taste is ‘made to stand in for class’, therefore we are not defined by economic standing. Therefore while economically the classes that attend these activities can be any one, the fact that they are actively pursuing cultural stimuli suggest that these activities can be more associated with a middle class psyche.


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