Genre task sheet 105 mc

The Godfather – Gangster film

From Dusk Till Dawn- Vampire, thriller, Action, Crime film

Man Of Steel- super hero, action

Up –Pixar animation, for family, adventure, comedy

Gravity- sifi

All these films have a mass appeal. Due the genre they are in.

It is difficult to pick a specific genre; I enjoy watching different film genres, from sifi, fantasy, horror or teen coming of age. Along with other genres, the quality of the film should stand on its own merit with out relying upon an audience to simple enjoy watching it because it’s the same as another film they have seen. However admittedly the use of genre does allow an audience to identify a film and its ideas, though its codes and conventions. This can, on the one hand, limit the view of the audiences as they might look for films they already know they like, and so wont expand to look at other genres.

What are the visual cues of?


Cowboys, shootout, music, dialect, tumbleweed. Camera angles (wide panoramic), The lone rider, come to save the day.

It’s easy to identify. Creates stereotypes.

-Structured reality TV

Family discords and feud, Works off disaster and things going wrong. There is always an issue. Interesting characters. Setting the scene, establishing shots of the location. One on one interview. Forced drama, sometime brought on by the producers. Set up chance encounters.

-Saturday night entertainment show:

  • Shiny floor shows. Energetic presenters.
  • Live audiences.
  • Recap of dramatic incidences of previous shows (x factor).
  • A prize of some kind.
  • Teaser to the next show.
  • More of a rigid format.
  • Trying to draw the audience back.
  • People feel a connection to the characters.
  • Audiences from personal relationships through these programs.

Task 4

The program makes a joke out of news program. It is funny, because it shows a harsh truth about the modern-day news media. It has become predictable. Is genre a bad thing? This suggests that the repetition of the codes and conventions seen in the news genre makes it uninteresting. However news is supposed to report not entertain. Do new programs need to change their format or if it still meets the demand of showing the news successfully is it fine the way it is?


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