My choice of Add+ Vantage

The Add Vantage module I have chosen to take this year is Photography as a professional tool. There are a few reasons why I have chosen to do this course, the main one being that I enjoy photography already and it is part of my belief that in order to gain the best results from my academic experience is to enjoy what I am learning. That being said this course will add to my media course as it will allow me to gain the technical skills needed when using camera equipment. While understandably the first year of my course is predominately theoretical, it will give me an advantage later on in the course. At the end of the photography course the grade is judged predominantly upon coursework, which I would presume would result in me acquiring a portfolio which I could add to my personal professional development blog. This would be a great course for me to showcase my work. I have a little experience already in using DSLR cameras and have been able to create some amateur photographs. But hopefully this course will allow me to learn how to use my photography in a more professional capacity, for example instead of personal family moments it could be used to create unique images for advertising purposes or indeed in a journalistic capacity if I were to document social events through my photography. It is true I could of picked a course that might of been more skill based such as academic writing, and this would of given me useful skills that I need in order to make a coherent structured argument within my assignments. However the course I have chosen I feel meets my needs for a creative outlet, which in the first year of my main course I will need as it is mainly theoretical.


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